Black Steel Pocket Watch
Black Steel Pocket Watch
Black Steel Pocket Watch
Black Steel Pocket Watch
Black Steel Pocket Watch

Black Steel Pocket Watch

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Product Description

This Black Steel Pocket Watch definitely won't grind your gears! An elegant timeless piece that is sure to catch some people’s attention. If you like the classic look and feel, but lean to the darker side, then perhaps this is the watch for you. In it’s deep black stainless steel case it is a sturdy piece that will add an air of elusiveness to your garb, and mystery to your persona. Great for special occasions and everyday use.


The Black Steel Pocket Watch is perfect for you, or to buy for someone else. Great for employee gifts, employer gifts, anniversary, birthday, christmas, wedding parties, etc.


The Black Steel Pocket Watch case and bezel are made of stainless steel. It is a mechanical, hand wind watch with an Analog display.


Mechanical watches depend upon the stored energy in the mainspring to power the movement and should be wound daily.

IMPORTANT: Mechanical pocket watches typically have an accuracy +/- 60 seconds within a 24 hour period. This is due to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and altitude affecting the movement. For this reason, a mechanical pocket watch should not only be fully wound, but the time should be reset daily. If the watch is wound only, the time could be off by several minutes within a few days.

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