Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit
Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit

Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit

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Are you the DIY kind because you just want it done in a unique and personal style that represents you?  Give your nails an edgy and appealing look that will have people talking. You will look smashing and on point with this Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit.

Do you like to steampunk things up or just be original in a world of flowers and sparkles, although you can add either to the gears and cogs should you choose.

It’s all about versatility. Your nails need to be work and play ready!

Check out our Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit!  They are an excellent choice, as they go with absolutely everything. Put whatever base colour you want behind them (or don’t because that’s okay too) and you can head to work, whether you are the CEO or Barista. After work you are planning a night out and just want to let your hair down. Change your outfit, and your nails just went from professional to punk.

We would love to see what you do with them.  Tag @theclockworkowl on your instagram posts showing your fabulous nail art completed with our Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit and we will re-post it!

Product Description

Our Cog & Gear Nail Art Kit:

  • Is great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner.
  • Makes nails look elegant and special.
  • Is fully compatible with both natural and artificial nails.
  • Is easy to apply.
  • Can also be used for DIY crafts - cards, journals, binders, cell phone cases, etc.
  • 1 box is approximately 13g - see the picture below for size comparisons

How to use:

  1. 1. Clean the surface of your nails, brush the base polisher, place it onto nails and seal with a clear top coat.
  2. 2. They can also be used to decorate your cell phone, room, journal covers and so many more ideas.  Send us in pictures of what you use them on!
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